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Black and White Photography

Photography in  High Places Photography_in_High_Places.html
Canyons and Deserts Deserts_and_Canyons.html
   Architecture in the Sea Architecture_in_the_Sea.html

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The Romance of Nature:  Frozen

If you can not see all 11 values from black to white in the scale below, your monitor may be too dark or too light. You can try adjusting your screen brightness. I work on a calibrated monitor.

Warm Tones Warm_Tones.html
The Elemental Earth The_Elemental_Earth.html
  Honouring The Ancients Honouring_the_Ancients.html
Abstractions and Metaphors Abstractions_and_Metaphors.html
 The Art of Water The_Art_of_Water.html
For The Love of a Horse For_The_Love_of_a_Horse.html
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